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Hi can you please assit my toyota yaris has an SRS airbag and malfunction indicator light popping in?

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I would like to ask where must i start or where must i take it any toyota people that can help?

Sounds to me like your airbag d-squib has had it. Take your car to your local Toyota dealer and they will hook up their IT2 diagnostic computer to your vehicles computer and confirm what it exactly is.vBasically it’s a simple fix as they will take off your steering wheel and then replace your d-squib. It is fine to drive but as comment above me said it will not work in a crash.


Where can I get my airbag light reset?

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I replaced the airbag in my 2007 Chevy Malibu, but the light won’t turn off. Where can I take it to get the light turned off.

Is the light flashing continously or does the light flash 7 times @ key on and stay on steady? If the bag(s) were deployed, It will be necessary to replace the following components in order for the SIR (Supplemental Inflatable Restraint) system to operate properly (light to go out)

1. The deployed frontal bag(s) (You have already replaced)
2. The inflatable restraint seat belt pretensioners (they deploy just like the bag)
3. The SDM (sensing diagnostic module) (It becomes full of "Crash data" and can not be cleared)
4.After the SDM is replaced it must be programmed to the vehicle with a factory scan tool or a J-2534 pass-through device with the correct firmware!

NOTE: The site that the other poster provided: is a WASTE of money! It has very generic and inaccurate information! (Now, I know why we get a lot of SIR related work from body shops) The site didn’t even list the compatible scan tools correctly!

NOTE: This is a CAN "C" vehicle, the ONLY module on this vehicle that Auto Zone can communicate with is the PCM! And not the needed one, (the SDM)

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