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1994 Ford F-150 4×4, flashing airbag light?

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

My airbag light constantly flashes a pattern. 3 short flashes, pause, 2 short flashes. Does anyone know what this means?

Code 32, problem with the clockspring in the steering column

  1. bmwrider001 Said,

    Code 32, problem with the clockspring in the steering column
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  2. D G Said,

    Check out this website.

    The purpose of this website and company is to help people diagnose and repair airbag problems themselves without taking them to the dealer (if possible). It offers all the photos and data you need to understand your airbag system, read the codes and reset the light. It’s a pay site, but it certainly is worth the money ($14.95 for 1 day full access)
    There’s a place to check if your car is listed on the home page

    This is quite a complete website with pictures, descriptions and factory fault code charts as well as a working demo that shows just how easy these repairs can be. Although it does not give step by step instructions, there is enough information in the pictures and the "how-to" pages that most people can do it themselves.
    Lots of insurance companies and body shops use this site for the information they need to repair your car.
    Lastly, there’s a page in this site that tells you which cars need a scan tool and which ones can be done without one
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