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2004 Envoy Cluster ABS, Brake, and Airbag warning lights flashing

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

Random flashing of warning lights, dash cluster resets

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  1. awada85 Said,

    that happens with …
    that happens with myne but only when i turn the key to the starting position when its on and hold it but sometime itll do it by itself?

  2. ivari11 Said,

    I have …

    I have the same problem with my envoy, could you tell, how you fixed it?

  3. crippycrippy Said,

    im having a similar …
    im having a similar problem with my truck.. any clues or ideas? thanks

  4. angelflier Said,

    I fixed it myself, …
    I fixed it myself, thanks for the comment

  5. TerryFilming Said,

    Just goto a local …
    Just goto a local dealer and they’ll fix it up. ;3 You should have a warranty, sicne it’s only been a year.

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