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2011 Mazda 3i Air Bag Warning light flashing

Posted by admin
Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

I noticed after I cleaned this 3 I saw the airbag light flashing. It’s got 6k on it… What a shame. I thought the 3 was reliable? Anyone else experience this problem?

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  1. xoquixxoqafxo Said,



    Hmmm I think it might be. I think I’m just used to my moms 07 yaris that doesn’t anything, it just says pass airbag but when someone sits there it either says pass airbag on or off. Anyhow, my old roommate just bought a Mazda 3 s Hatch and I’m probably gonna make fun of it now bc she got rid of her Honda for a fancy $26,800 focus hatch with a fusion engine that gets 22/29… LOL

  2. Intechdude300 Said,

    Isn’t it normal for …
    Isn’t it normal for the Pass Airbag off light to illuminate when theres no pass there and shut off when there is??

    LOL, Just about every Hyundai Santa Fe I’ve had to drive & posted have the Air Bad light on. Question is will they

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