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Astra-G ECN

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Reading a ECN (error code number) or fault code from a 2003 Vauxhall Astra-G Z18XE engine. ECN is displayed by a series of engine management light flashes after depressing the brake pedal, fully depressing the accelerator pedal and turning the ignition key to illuminate the instruments (but not starting the engine!). Video shows ECN P0443 flashed by 10(=0)+4+4+3 flashes after disconnecting the Evaporative Emissions Control Valve connector.

Duration : 0:0:48

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  1. sjakubowski92 Said,


    and …

    and you think its different in any place on this planet? ¬¬

  2. EOBDCodemax Said,

    No, the accelerator …
    No, the accelerator is on the right, the brake in the middle, and the clutch is on the left on right hand drive cars.

  3. skylinebrutal Said,

    is the clutch on …
    is the clutch on the right side on the cars with right steering ?

  4. LongIslandEddie Said,

    What’d you …
    What’d you disconnect under the hood? Was that the vacuum purge valve serving the evarorative emissions system? Does your MIL (malfunction indicator light) tell you exactly which system is failing? Do the Brits have a “clean-air mandate like we have here in NA under the EPA? Our laws are BULLSHIT and they are a terrible burden when they deal with automotive like registration fees, license fees, inspection fees and so much more! We got fees up the here and it ain’t gettin’ no better!!!

  5. EOBDCodemax Said,

    Without testing all …
    Without testing all the different Astra variants its impossible to be sure, but it seems only engine fault codes are flashed on the Astra-G. If your fault light is on, but no code flashes it may mean a fault code has been raised on the abs, air con, power steering, airbags etc. For this (and all faults really) you need to get the fault code read with the Vauxhall/Opel Tech 2 dealer scan tool or a capable scan tool like a genuine (not clone) VAUX-COM / OP-COM.

    Google ‘vezerdiagnosztika’

  6. EOBDCodemax Said,

    Thanks IIan22
    Thanks IIan22

  7. EOBDCodemax Said,

    Its a Jackdaw, …
    Its a Jackdaw, Google Jackdaw + RSPB to enjoy a recording of their squawk.
    Its difficult to buy a LHD car here in the UK. As the rest of Europe except the Maltese will tell you, we do things differently here in Britain and not just driving on the left! See Wikipedia – Right and Left Hand Traffic

  8. LongIslandEddie Said,

    What kind of bird …
    What kind of bird is squawking in the background? is it a Grackle or a Seagull? Oh, and the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car! WTF?

  9. llan22 Said,

    mines a Z18XE
    mines a Z18XE

  10. gordon13freeman Said,

    yeah, same on mine. …
    yeah, same on mine. mine is an astra coupe bertone. once it got over 10 flashes, i stopped counting, but there were definately over 30. what does this mean?

  11. EOBDCodemax Said,

    Was the orange ‘ …
    Was the orange ‘engine’ or ‘spanner on car’ fault light illuminated before you tried it? A code will only be flashed if a fault exists, and its only a very basic engine fault code display function.

    This fault code display ability was first found to work on many, but not all Astra-H cars built from 2004 onwards where the code is displayed on the odometer, likewise it may not work on all 1998 onward Astra-G’s.

    Could you tell me what car model/engine type (eg. Z14XE) you have?

  12. llan22 Said,

    tried this on mine …
    tried this on mine it just kept flashing, i count to 45 flashes and gave up, there was no pause between flashes, so what does this mean?

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