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BMW E46 318i (2002) cold start Problem. Flashing Dash Lights with High voltage.

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Hi guys please see the problem of cold start, and look at the Battery voltage is showing Very high (17.3v) even see the transmission warning is appeared also dash bord warning lights are blinking when i start first time, but the second start is fine there were no any warning lights. please help me to find out the problem of this even i am getting an OBD error code P1055.

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  1. Spoif Said,


  2. ktharis Said,

    @Liverpool4eva873 …
    @Liverpool4eva873 hi brother,
    even i had the same problem with my car, 3 warning lights are showing always on. but its not a big problem. because mine is showing since 6 months. and what you have to check just speed ur car 100/kmh and apply the brake and make sure your ABS is working. if its working just fine. and you can check with your rear wheel speed sensor both sides. even you can own a code OBDII code reader. it will tell you exactly which sensor is wrong. but my case is falty ABS unit.

  3. Liverpool4eva873 Said,

    Hi ktharis!, can …
    Hi ktharis!, can you help me why the abs, warning light, and the handbrake light stay on? my car model is BMW 3181i. is it big problem? please help if you can. ^^

  4. ktharis Said,

    @deepu894 hi just …
    @deepu894 hi just check with your alternator voltage…..tell me the car model. so i will tell you how u can check ti yourself….

  5. deepu894 Said,

    my car always show …
    my car always show abs light flashing, what could be the reason for that?

  6. Costi9B Said,

    i have a …

    i have a problem.
    when i start my car appear ESP light… it’s all right?
    here is the video

  7. ktharis Said,

    hi guys thanks for …
    hi guys thanks for the comments. i have fixed the problem is faulty “voltage Regulator” from Alternator. but i have replaced the alternator with new one because my old one was running with bad bearing. any how the car is running perfectly. guys remember when you have such a trouble, just repair it quick because over voltage will damage your sensors….

  8. DiarmaidGNR Said,

    @ktharis Cool.
    @ktharis Cool.

  9. ktharis Said,

    @DiarmaidGNR hi …
    @DiarmaidGNR hi thanks for your comments, i am going to change the alternator today. i will post the result soon.

  10. DiarmaidGNR Said,

    Hmmm…….. P1055 …
    Hmmm…….. P1055 = VVT – Voltage Supply Cointrol Motor, High Input(Bank1)
    Check alternator and battery. The flashing lights are probably due to the irregular voltage.

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