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Civic 1995 ABS Light On Code Retrieval

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My ABS light has been always on since I bought the car. I found out how to retrieve the codes from the ECU and I looked for the code on the ABS code list for 94′ Civics. I decided to record it and then count the flashes its easier for me. The code its giving me is 12 which means something is wrong with the ABS pump. Go here to check more codes

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  1. mmonnerat Said,

    @alexanderferrao vc …
    @alexanderferrao vc é brasileiro??? well, i got code ONE…

    1 The hydraulic pump motor is over-run

    i just swap the brake fluids, i drained them in the wheels… sorry i dont know how to say that in english…

  2. alexanderferrao Said,

    @mmonnerat there is …
    @mmonnerat there is a two pin cable underneath the carpet at the passengers side. Just take off the carpet a bit near the glove box and you will see it!

  3. mmonnerat Said,

    where did u jump to …
    where did u jump to see the code? onde vc jumpeou, é do lado do carona?

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