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Ford clockspring replacement

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

how to replace the clockspring on 1994 broncos and f150s. dont forget to disable the airbag before starting. check my other video to see how to disarm the airbag.

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  1. peageweage Said,

    @pfun41 i actually …
    @pfun41 i actually figured that out but i also learned its alot easier getting off the center-bolt with an impact driver than the special tool if you go to do it again.

  2. pfun41 Said,

    @peageweage of …
    @peageweage of course. which part of the ignition? lock cylinder, linkage, or switch?

  3. peageweage Said,

    haha i hope you had …
    haha i hope you had that battery disconnected when you put in that new clock spring. I was wondering how to take out the ignition itself. do you know how?

  4. kissingermatthew Said,

    Great vid really …
    Great vid really helped out alot, where did you get your replacement clock spring?

  5. 126431rm Said,

    thanks alot, i got …
    thanks alot, i got my horn and cruise control working and my airbag light stop blinking. saved lots of money. only thing i had trouble with was getting the ignition clip in but i made it work. everything works great. thanks a million

  6. prime3end Said,

    On some clock …
    On some clock springs you have to make sure they are properly wound when you put them in, or the flat wire ribbon inside that feeds the airbag and horn will break the first time you turn the wheel. Make sure the car wheels are straight ahead before you start, and disconnect the battery for a half hour before you start messing with any airbag. Find out if you have a winding procedure for your clockspring. Don’t jerk your steering wheel off,, or you may break the horn and airbag connectors.

  7. pfun41 Said,

    @subron6er glad to …
    @subron6er glad to help

  8. subron6er Said,

    I think I got it in …
    I think I got it in ok without taking the cylinder out, looks like it anyway and everything works, thanks again, you really saved me some money. Jeff

  9. pfun41 Said,

    @subron6er to put …
    @subron6er to put the wire with the clip in the key lock you have to take the lock cylender out. you just turn it to “run” and push a little button on the bottom of the column, it just slides out. the clip just slips on over the edge and then you put the cylender back in. i have that extra plug also, but i have every option except leather seats. i beleive its a connector your supposed to jump the pins on to enter a programming mode. the keyless entry works that way.

  10. subron6er Said,

    I just got it …
    I just got it installed , it took about an hr. first time. The only trouble I had was the clip with the wire that went to the key lock, (locking cylinder) not really sure how it attached, but it all works, also down at the bottom , the plug that was not yellow had a extra 2 prong plug that didn’t look like it went to anything, must of been an extra for an option my 94 F 150 2 WD didn’t have, thanks again, the vid was a big help. Jeff J.

  11. pfun41 Said,

    @subron6er damn, 3 …
    @subron6er damn, 3 already? this one was the original.

  12. subron6er Said,

    thanks I just …
    thanks I just picked one of these up today , my 94 f 150 already had 2 this will be the 3rd. The dealer stuck it to me 4 years ago so this time I will do it myself. I already have the air bag out. Working on it this Sat. great vid. Jeff J.

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