Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

Airbag Light On | Reset Your Airbag light

How to reset and repair your airbag light.


how to reset maint reqd light on toyota maintenance required

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle This video will show you how to reset the maint reqd light.

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  1. harliefiore Said,


  2. MrCombat1965 Said,

    For my 2010 Matrix …
    For my 2010 Matrix I set it to Trip A and followed the rest of your advice and that is what worked.
    Thanks for the help.

  3. mrcokez1 Said,

    Look there in the …
    Look there in the left, you see a check enging light

  4. LosInvasoreSconLalo Said,

    T H A N K Y O U !!
    T H A N K Y O U !!

  5. happyhappyjoyjoyguy Said,

    sweet thank you
    sweet thank you

  6. PJON214 Said,

    do u know how to do …
    do u know how to do it on a 09 camry? thanks

  7. belzeubub Said,

    I will send you …
    I will send you whataburger fir teaching in a little way in saving money

  8. leron423 Said,

    dude thank you so …
    dude thank you so much your the only guy that shows how to do it on the tacoma

  9. laestad Said,

    thanks very helpfull
    thanks very helpfull

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