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How to Reset your Tire Light for a 2005 Toyota Corolla

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

I forgot to add! Make sure you properly inflate your tires. To see how much PSI aka Air (for normal people to understand xD) check your Vehicles manual. Most cars have also a sticker on the side of your driver side door panel. For this video 32PSI-36PSI would be the ideal range.

A Video tutorial on how to reset your tire light when it is on OR off. Why off? some people just reset it after they put air in their tires even if the light isn’t on.

2003-2008 Corolla’s (Most of them)

Not all Toyota Tire Reset button is located in that area. Ask me if you want to know where is yours located. I am a Toyota Technician, so I kind of know Toyota’s (;

Duration : 0:0:46

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  1. duhpython11 Said,

    hey thanks
    hey thanks

  2. BGPOND30 Said,

    I have a new 2011 …
    I have a new 2011 Toyota camery now it bypass this step once you get to 32 psi in the tires the light gos off. my 2007 corolla has this lol dude i all but tour the dash out trying to (finger) out how to get that light off till my 6 year old boy asked me what that button was for.

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