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Mercedes C240 2001 Roll Over Crash

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

March 2009
After returning from a party on a 100km/hr speed country road a drunk driver had crossed the median strip into our lane. To avoid collision I swerved to avoid clipping a rising bankment @ around 80 sent me and my friend airborne flipping us side ways landing roof first. No injuries sustained. Thanks to Mercedes engineering still alive to tell the tale.

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  1. liliceman78 Said,

    @:55 Mercedes logo …
    @:55 Mercedes logo still there. Gotta love the power of German engineering.

  2. PANTELASml320 Said,

    you can buy a same …
    you can buy a same model in good contition with the money you want to repair it this is good for parts only…

  3. maufesh Said,

    Hey Guys, its …
    Hey Guys, its maufrsh. Sorry i’ve lost my password for my acc. For those asking for the song its ‘Bellas Lullaby’. As for the car I had insurance so was paid out after a heavy insurance excess as I was 18 at the time. Since the crash I’ve owned a Passat V5 and BMW 323i. So far Mercedes has felt the safest although I must say I love the BMW, its more of a drivers car.

  4. prunex Said,

    how much does the …
    how much does the repair cost?
    and what it’s damaged?
    i have in mind to buy a car like this for 2 years. 😛

  5. densscessario Said,

    Can you stay up …
    Can you stay up for the weekend, and blame god for lookin too old

  6. alexxzz2008 Said,

    Not too much damage …
    Not too much damage, airbags no deployed, I’d buy it for sure! to get it fixed!

  7. Dancieify Said,

    Wow!  I also have …
    Wow!  I also have a Mercedez C240, I am always really embarrassed to drive it around because I think it is way to nice for me. I always try to park it far out in the parking lot when I go to class because I don’t want people to think I am snobby or something. But, the other day friend was in an accident in a KIA, the car is totally smashed and it left him paralyzed. I am now really thankful for my car, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your life. Thank you Mercedes for keeping us safe!

  8. samojedanklub Said,

    and what are u …
    and what are u driving now ?

  9. afdsgwertw Said,

    Jeez…. good …
    Jeez…. good you’re okay. Did they get the drunk driver?

  10. xXShadowKillSonicXx Said,

    @maufrsh What’s …
    @maufrsh What’s the song’s name in the beginning? I just like it. =3

  11. predator117ful Said,

    pauvre mercedes
    pauvre mercedes

  12. macuser575 Said,

    it did its job …
    it did its job saved a life

  13. marselino254 Said,

    wtf have you done …
    wtf have you done dude if you can role over a mercedes 2must speed in a corner?????

  14. Mcmerc01 Said,

    saw this car at the …
    saw this car at the auctions. was wondering what happened to it, glad to hear your ok

  15. maufrsh Said,

    Yeah the car still …
    Yeah the car still ran, the only problem was the fans in the front were making contact with each other and engine coolant and oil reminders came on

  16. maufrsh Said,

    Yeah miss that car, …
    Yeah miss that car, no airbags deployed probably because the front impact with the bank wasn’t to hard just the flip but window bags didnt go off.

  17. ellyjelly3 Said,

    heyyyy i feel sorry …
    heyyyy i feel sorry for you m8

    just wondering did the air bags go off and does the engine still run ??

  18. Jaguar40 Said,

    It still looks …
    It still looks drive-able to me!!  MBZ builded tough!!

  19. TapTapTido Said,


  20. maufrsh Said,

    Very safe cars …
    Very safe cars love em

  21. maufrsh Said,

    Yip ESP was on, it …
    Yip ESP was on, it was a narrow road we ended up driving into the ditch and up the bank at 80km this sent us airborne.

  22. maufrsh Said,

    Mercedes are …
    Mercedes are excellent cars, I now drive an Bmw e46 m sport 323i, I miss the luxury/safety feel of the C Class, but the driving experience of the BMW is better

  23. TapTapTido Said,

    i thought there was …
    i thought there was ESP in that car… did u turn it on?

  24. TapTapTido Said,

    WOW thats good job …
    WOW thats good job! glad your alive thanks to your mercedes

  25. Mitchieboy95 Said,

    my parents used to …
    my parents used to have a C Class Classic as well, now we have an E Class Avantgarde, It looks totalled, what car do you have now?

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