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Mini Cooper Reset Service Indicator Procedure

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

2007 2008 2009 2010 mini cooper r56 brake service light reset procedure service indicator oil service light

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  1. sripavanv Said,

    Did my first oil …
    Did my first oil change today. Hold the trip odometer button(Button on the right) then select the service you want to reset

  2. ipadre Said,

    Thanks, great video!
    Thanks, great video!

  3. pedros94probegt Said,

    For anyone watching …
    For anyone watching this video. please do not follow this guys instructions. the cluster self test is not needed to reset service lights. do not hold down both buttons. only the odometer reset button needs to be held down (button on the right) to bring up ur service reset menu. once again, do not do a cluster self check.

    As far as brakes go sometimes you may have to perform the reset a second time. if u did not replace ur brake pad sensor this will not reset. happy motoring!!!

  4. samos1493 Said,

    i’m trying to …
    i’m trying to remove the rear brake lights but your procedure doesn’t work for my rear brakes… what could be wrong?

  5. yfkm Said,

    Easy as pie. Mine …
    Easy as pie. Mine had gone from 9K to 10K since the last service to 8K yesterday to 5K today. I needed the oil change anyway, now at least it’s set properly.

  6. m2tyj Said,

    nice one fella
    nice one fella

  7. tenfifteenmxv Said,

    You rock, man. …
    You rock, man. Thanks a ton.

  8. arturolcornejo Said,


  9. sfdmw Said,

    Great video!! the …
    Great video!! the Mini dealer wanted to charge me $60 to reset my oil service. I just did it for free!!

  10. eddie14886 Said,

    thank you soooo …
    thank you soooo much!!! :-O

  11. Tentors Said,

    Thank you ..
    Thank you ..

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