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My new 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis

Posted by admin
Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

I got this car at the auction this weekend for $260. It starts up but is a little rough…It still has its original throttle valve bushing and the TV cable is still connected…I’ve ordered the new brass bushing kit to replace it. Also there is an air bag warning code being flashed.

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    What is the purpose …
    What is the purpose of the coaxial cable??

  2. stars1976 Said,

    how many miles were …
    how many miles were on it when u got it?

  3. Bluebirdvision91 Said,

    I wouldn’t drive …
    I wouldn’t drive that if i was you because i hate airbags and they are very dangerous thats the second dash light i check if getting another car you can put the car on a machine or look at the car codes book at Auto zone and see what it needs

  4. MrSBChevy Said,

    i love these old …
    i love these old cars!!

  5. 1coppler Said,

    @retrochad I have …
    @retrochad I have an 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis and On the drive side of the motor just behind where the oil is there is a motor mount i took out the bolts and jacked up the motor for the mount and I see a round block and I was wondering is that where a freeze out plug goes?

  6. dartdude13 Said,

    what part of texas …
    what part of texas are you in i listen to the same station lol

  7. Mrphatbastard1 Said,

    Hi Chad, I have a …
    Hi Chad, I have a feeling one of your air bags has become disconnected from the computer AND you might try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes to see if it will reset. Wonderful cars and you’ve got a nice one, good luck.

  8. walkingfreak Said,

    @weasel2htm yes …
    @weasel2htm yes that is exactly what i wanna do if i get an old lincoln or pontiac or even a chevy haha

  9. weasel2htm Said,

    I’d like to see …
    I’d like to see those big woofers in the t.runk

  10. rw93090 Said,

    When working on the …
    When working on the airbag disconnect the battery and wait about 30 minutes before disassembling the steering wheel so that the airbag can discharge.

  11. 58stevenb Said,

    Hi Chad,
    Awesome …

    Hi Chad,
    Awesome score and yes the 1991 grand marquis is in excellent condition.

  12. jst31n Said,

    If its running a …
    If its running a little rough, it probably needs all new valves, I have a 91 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park Wagon. Also, If most of the stuff on the car is factory, it wouldn’t be a bad Idea to expect having to do some maintenance and work on it. Sounds like the belt is loose. But, none the less, $260 is a steal for any Grand Marquis.

  13. GrosvenorAudio Said,

    its kinda funny …
    its kinda funny where I live that car would still be considered somewhat a unique old luxury car worth around 5000$ and you get them alsmost for free 🙂 and nobody wants them

  14. spartarools Said,

    I just noticed …
    I just noticed Brooks and Dunn the song on the radio came out the same year as the car 1991!

  15. wilkes85 Said,

    That’s awesome!

    That’s awesome!
    amasing you can find so many cars in great shape for so cheap.

    Any more cars and you can drive a new one every day of the week hehe

  16. THEtechknight Said,

    @SpiritsoftheWolf …
    @SpiritsoftheWolf Yea, it could be a multitude of things. never know until you see for sure.

  17. gajda1984 Said,

    Another thing I …
    Another thing I have just realized is how little the dashes have changed on large fords, the airvents, gearshifts etc. My 96 town car and 95 grand marquis have the same shifter.

  18. gajda1984 Said,

    I always liked the …
    I always liked the 88 through 91 Crown vics and Grand Marquis. They had a rounder yet still classic look to them. Always liked the Mercury emblem on the side of the front bumpers. Boy, you sure love your Panthers! I can definitely sympathize.

  19. 2000V6 Said,

    @Trance88 hondas r …
    @Trance88 hondas r crap

  20. Trance88 Said,

    Not a bad score …
    Not a bad score although these big old cars aren’t exactly my cup o’ tea. The cars would love to collect if I had any money are little hatch backs such as the first gen Honda Civic or Volkswagens.

  21. retrochad Said,

    @19FD89 During the …
    @19FD89 During the annual vehicle inspection they do check this…however if there is just one crack and the vision is not obstructed by it it will pass OK.

  22. retrochad Said,

    @CWM480 I removed …
    @CWM480 I removed all the dash decorative panels to check out the ignition switch components…I have all of them, just need to put them back on.

  23. 19FD89 Said,

    In Germany you …
    In Germany you would have to replace the busted windshield. Are the Texan laws less restrictive?

  24. GatheringSticks Said,

    that is a serious …
    that is a serious chick magnet….or

  25. Joseph9536 Said,

    @JakeDaSnakeFilms …
    @JakeDaSnakeFilms He does live in West Texas so maybe thats why all the cars are covered in dirt.

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