Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

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Old car, new tricks

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

Who says you can’t teach an old car new tricks. My car started doing this today. almost 240,000 miles. It’s about time it learned something new!

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  • Mobile Auto Electrics ยป Thursday – Punto with a airbag light on,  Sorted that one,  Time for lunch,  (what do u mean i only just started ,  Ahh the joys of being your own boss). Picked up me Snap on box from ashley.

  1. 200103511 Said,

    I hear that you are …
    I hear that you are actually supposed to have your airbags checked every 10 years so if your car has done 240,000 miles, then it is probably well overdue for a check. And those cars that didn’t have air bags for those 80 years, they were very unsafe. They had no ABS, no crumple zones, no heavy engineering around the side of the roof, no side impact bars, or of course, side impact airbags.

  2. creuzerm Said,

    240000 miles …

    240000 miles on it. It is liable to have a few imperfections.
    I am not concerned that the airbag will fail to function – cars didn’t have them for what, 80 years? I wear my seatbelt. I am more concerned that it will go off at in inopportune time and create an accident.

    The light blinked again a day or two later and hasn’t blinked since. Hopefully the whole thing just got tired and died.

  3. MrBobb21 Said,

    You shoudl …
    You shoudl definately have that checked dude…

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