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Reset BMW 3-Series E90 Service Lights

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

Here’s how to reset the BMW 2006+ 3-Series E90 Service Lights.

Place a key in the ignition switch and press the start button. Wait until all check lights and beeping goes out. Put your foot on the brake pedal and hold odometer reset until yellow triangle comes up. As soon as that happens; release it (odometer reset button) and use scroll on left side of steering wheel to find an icon that you want to reset service light for. Press the top button (BC button) on left control handle and reset light will come on. Press again and hold it for few seconds. That should do it. You can keep scrolling until you reset all that needs to be done. Once you are done take a keyfob out and you are ready to go!

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  1. zoonica Said,


  2. twistedsymphony Said,

    You realize some of …
    You realize some of us like to work on our own cars… I need to know this because I changed the oil on my wife’s car and didn’t want to drive 2 hours round trip to the nearest BMW dealer just to get the light reset.

  3. CityStar780 Said,

    NTS- Dont buy Used …
    NTS- Dont buy Used BMW. 🙂

  4. SMRgirl619 Said,

    thank you thank you …
    thank you thank you thank you just did this on my 2006 bmw 325i and it worked!

  5. WWJD839 Said,

    how reset air bag …
    how reset air bag light en 2006 525i please sayme

  6. Laptopfreak100 Said,

    if you drive such …
    if you drive such a car and have an error, just drive to a car repair shop and get it repaired!
    and if you reset such an error in case of deceiving a buyer of your car i wish you all the worst and that you rot in hell!!!

  7. jazohaidar Said,

    thx a lot, very …
    thx a lot, very helpful.

  8. cafecito4me Said,

    Thank you so much, …
    Thank you so much, was very helpful, since my brake fluid light was still on red…awesome video…

  9. playwithonehand Said,

    Thanks very much …
    Thanks very much mate! Just reset my 320d brake fluid

  10. tjd1979 Said,

    Anyone have any joy …
    Anyone have any joy reseting the rear brake, mine has turned yellow with a few dash marks.

  11. themystx2 Said,

    The “funny symbol” …
    The “funny symbol” you are referencing at 0:51 is for vehicle inspection. 

  12. sale666 Said,

    same here i think …
    same here i think its a connector under the seat if im not wrong cause on mine when some 1 on the passenger seat moves it pops up!

  13. starmandiddy Said,

    what is you dont …
    what is you dont have a scroll feature on your sterring wheel? I have a e90 320 d s which doesnt have a multi function steering wheel?
    Great video though

  14. skyh2k Said,

    Nice, Thanks a lot!
    Nice, Thanks a lot!

  15. smmohy Said,

    I have an airbag …
    I have an airbag fault, do you know how to reset ??

  16. LFLV89 Said,

    When I reset my …
    When I reset my brake lights it only goes to “0” but it never resets the milage left to chage them again, sorry for bad english but I live y Guatemala, any help?

  17. del2701 Said,

    Thanks for that. …
    Thanks for that. My brake fluid check was up but had it replaced 6 months ago. All the symbols are explained in the user manual

  18. nesgael1 Said,

    Thank you. I …
    Thank you. I think the light you did not recognise was the cabin Air Filter [change interval] warning

  19. integraguy209 Said,

    How do I reset the …
    How do I reset the service light on my 525i it’s a 2002 call me 209-996-1248 anyone? I’m selling it my name is jay

  20. westz36 Said,

    only the service …
    only the service lights goes up, no other warning lights. should i care?

  21. ademi7 Said,

    I’ve got the ABS …
    I’ve got the ABS light to light up on my dashboard randomly one winter,try to turn the car off and unhook the battery connectors for like a minute or two. Hook it up and start the car it should be fixed if it isn’t an actual faulty ABS system.

  22. KarenL25 Said,

    hey wondering if …
    hey wondering if someone cud help me i have an 08 model 320d i want to reset only the service light for the next service as it not coming up it was serviced, it has recently been serviced not sure how many miles your supposed to service them, there is 58 on it at min what do i put it to now ?? and how do you put it on another 20,000 miles say ?

  23. aniini Said,

    This is awesome, …
    This is awesome, thanks! hey did u ever get an ABS warning on your dashboard? i thought it might be my tires with air runnign low but no.. anyways.. u got any tricks for that or do i need it to be looked at at the shop?

  24. lazzdk Said,

    How come your KM/ …
    How come your KM/Date not changed, when you reset the OIL service ??

  25. fherjohn Said,

    This isn’t working …
    This isn’t working on my 07 e90 for some reason.

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