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S14 drift inside PROCAM

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

That is the airbag light flashing not seatbelt. I’m Always using seatbelt when I’m driving! ­čÖé

Duration : 0:2:42

  1. Megazerox336 Said,

    If you look around …
    If you look around 1:50 in the far left´╗┐ corner the supra is drifting with him.

  2. gonzoe123 Said,

    What the is …
    What the is wrong with you? Why are you drifting while there is other cars on the road? That is an accident waiting to happen? The stuff in the parking lot is cool, just not on´╗┐ public roads when there are other cars. I was expecting you to hit the Frontier @ 1:08

  3. Waheed Ahmed Said,


  4. TheMiska570 Said,

    0:25 see seatbelt´╗┐
    0:25 see seatbelt´╗┐

  5. scarfoHD Said,

    Not random lol´╗┐ its …
    Not random lol´╗┐ its at the end in the parking lot too.

  6. potoker9 Said,

    why one handed? i …
    why one handed? i dont understand. You look´╗┐ uncomfortable.

  7. MrHaterific Said,

    But don’t kill …
    But don’t kill yourself. Lol´╗┐

  8. MrHaterific Said,

    Pretty legit´╗┐ for …
    Pretty legit´╗┐ for one hand on the wheel.

  9. DaylightDarknes Said,

    I like the silver …
    I like the silver accents on the interior. Makes it look almost´╗┐ S15-ish.

  10. cfunicelli Said,

    any mods? what kind …
    any mods? what kind of´╗┐ power?

  11. arich357 Said,

    I like how´╗┐ smooth …
    I like how´╗┐ smooth you were drifting haha

  12. StrayzKid Said,

    or unplug´╗┐ it….
    or unplug´╗┐ it….

  13. StrayzKid Said,

    did you write it …
    did you write it off yet..?´╗┐

  14. ArtistWith SomePiano Said,

    all you gotta´╗┐ do …
    all you gotta´╗┐ do is smash the bulb.

  15. HAV32C Said,

    Less one handed …
    Less one handed drifts and more 2 hands on the wheel, you’ll have more control and be able to hold angle and speed more. Also holding onto your gear knob like´╗┐ its your willy while thrashing it in 2nd is a bad idea, all the natural vibrations that the gearbox goes through your sending them back down into the gears and can damage it. Just some advice mate.. other than that S14 reppin’

  16. xMamorex Said,

    Right´╗┐ speaker only.
    Right´╗┐ speaker only.

  17. SiiDe WaYz Said,

    YAY!! TOYOTA SUPRA!!!!!!! 1:08!´╗┐

  18. Moon Zhe Said,

    Toshiya´╗┐ is that …
    Toshiya´╗┐ is that you?

  19. VpilsProductions Said,

    At 1:59 you can see …
    At 1:59 you can see it at left´╗┐ side.

  20. Christopher kozakow Said,

    Always 2 hands on …
    Always 2 hands on the steering mister badass except when you have to use the´╗┐ e-brake….

  21. DefineJDM Said,

    i notcied that´╗┐ and …
    i notcied that´╗┐ and started laughing so hard

  22. mrprosk8kid Said,

    that looked really …
    that looked really fun then the´╗┐ supra had to pull up and steal ya thundaa

  23. YarisTS87 Said,

    I’ve seen that also …
    I’ve seen that also in your S14 the red light´╗┐ of the airbag is on, like in my car. did you know whay?

  24. revupdsm jpnlive Said,


  25. Avelily Said,

    He’s driving around …
    He’s driving around 40+mph in 4th, in the rain.´╗┐ Not hard at all to break loose the rear end.

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