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Subwoofers in a 95 escort

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

the bass was only cut up 4 notches if i cut it up all the way my neighbors would have a problem wit me,plus ill blow a fuse

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  1. TMoneyMaker89 Said,

    dat good u figure …
    dat good u figure out the problem sorry for respondin late but mi computer was in hyperspace mood for a lil while and i think my speaker are like 500 watt each ima check it out wen i go back out

  2. mrmenacesex Said,

    well ull need to …
    well ull need to know how many watts ur speakers are and if they like 1800 ea like mine are then ull need to buy a 4000watt amp and yeah thats mostly what i did and now my amp works great it doesnt get hot or turn off

  3. tatsumaru12345 Said,

    How’d you fix your …
    How’d you fix your ground problem?
    I know I’m having the same problem myself, and have had some issues getting a really good ground.
    Scraping the paint, and all of that doesn’t help the greatest.

  4. mysubsbang Said,

    you know whats …
    you know whats funny is that those mtx subs you have is what i am getting lol. what do you mean by a power filter?

  5. mrmenacesex Said,

    i figured out the …
    i figured out the problem it wasnt making good contact with the ground thats y and yeah ill buy a power filter thanks man

  6. mrmenacesex Said,

    i figured out the …
    i figured out the problem it wasnt making good contact with the ground thats y and yeah ill buy power flter to thank man

  7. mysubsbang Said,

    it is over heating …
    it is over heating or it cant take the ohms you have it wired to.

  8. mysubsbang Said,

    oh yeah it shakes a …
    oh yeah it shakes a lot. the trunk wont pop open anymore with the remote i have to push it down to make it seal then use the inside the car button lol. bad thing though i sold my subs today i am going after some 10’s that can take more power. i am gonna put them in the back window and get more sound to the pit so to say. good luck with the deck man.

  9. TMoneyMaker89 Said,

    yea im workin on …
    yea im workin on dat now so i can get dat great sound and i saw ur video and WOW! ur stuff is really bangin if mi stuff waz dat loud out here the neighbors would kill me lol but urs sounds good doe it has ur whole car shakin

  10. TMoneyMaker89 Said,

    it could be a …
    it could be a shortage too but try gettin a power filter and see wat happens

  11. mrmenacesex Said,

    hey if my amp keeps …
    hey if my amp keeps turning off and on what does it have do u think it need a power filter

  12. mysubsbang Said,

    before you do that …
    before you do that get a better deck man. i got me a kenwood excellon it sounds pretty nice. 5 volt preouts keep up with the amps pretty good. if you see my vid with my new deck :). you cant really hear the highs though the bass drowns the camera out. my car actually has flex now and is loud. but otherwise i would go with a pioneer any day. i got the kenwood at a pawn shop for 90 bucks its 250 new so i think i did ok. but my rearview just shakes.and my trunk flexes up and down no vid of that yet

  13. TMoneyMaker89 Said,

    matter a fact it …
    matter a fact it just starting doing that to me too lol i might get some bigger speakers these dont seem to be loud enough to me lol

  14. mysubsbang Said,

    them subs are ok …
    them subs are ok that explode deck sucks i had the same one give it some time itll start cutting out on you. turns the subs on and off on its own.

  15. Drakien565 Said,

    oh Cool!
    oh Cool!

  16. TMoneyMaker89 Said,

    im guessing the amp …
    im guessing the amp is putting out at lease 500watt its brand is rockford fosgate

  17. Drakien565 Said,

    What brand? and how …
    What brand? and how much power is your amp putting out?

  18. TMoneyMaker89 Said,


  19. Drakien565 Said,

    Nice thump, What …
    Nice thump, What are you running? Amp? Speakers?

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