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taurus airbag code

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

airbag light is flashing..can anyone help?

1992 Ford Taurus GL (3.0L)

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  1. CanuckaLocomia Said,

    It’s a …
    It’s a Canadian-spec Taurus. They have 200 km/h (120 MPH) speedometer while US-spec Tauruses has only the 85 MPH speedometer.

  2. RammsteinFire13 Said,

    It is 200 KM/H not …
    It is 200 KM/H not MPH incase you didn’t see. AKA 120 MPH

  3. KevLikesJumbaWii Said,

    oh my word! where …
    oh my word! where did you get that speedometer??? I have never seen one that went up to 200 on a taurus GL, not even on the shos!!

  4. nickloss Said,

    42 Primary Crash …
    42 Primary Crash Sensor #2 Feed/Return Circuit – Open

    Any other electrical problems? Mine did the same when my battery cables were bad, my radio also cut out, stopped when i replaced the cable ends

  5. Transam941 Said,

    Dont buy Ford.
    Dont buy Ford.

  6. brandonya1990 Said,

    Haha ive seen that …
    Haha ive seen that video from Davesfarm. That Ford Airbag literaly blew up the oven. As if sticking a load of fireworks in it.

  7. RichmondParkway Said,

    Take out your gauge …
    Take out your gauge cluster and pull the air bag warning light bulb, problem solved, hehe.

  8. K1lla0420 Said,

    it sending code 4/2 …
    it sending code 4/2 which is the front radiator crash sensor. I’m having that prob with my 95 Taurus.

  9. Matty3697 Said,

    You Have To RePlace …
    You Have To RePlace You AirBags, Good Luk find new Bags i had trouble getting a 1991 Air Bag

  10. LarryDavidFreak Said,

    you might as well …
    you might as well not get it fixed because that generation taurus has deadly airbags. you’ll die in a crash either way. type in the search box “saturn and ford airbag blow up in a refridgerator”, you’ll see what i mean.

  11. pmanning69 Said,

    When the Air Bag …
    When the Air Bag Light is on or flashing, your Air Bags DO NOT work in an accident

    I am having the same problem with my 94 Ford Taurus so I was searching the forums.

    I copied and pasted the top statement from a forum. I would have it checked if I were you.

  12. JAGXJ401 Said,

    i have the same …
    i have the same problem in my 95 Cougar

  13. palebeachbum Said,

    In regard to both …
    In regard to both the airbag light and the coolant light, I bet the sensor for each has gone bad. I had a coolant sensor go bad in a ’91 Buick Park Ave and it turned out to be the sensor.

  14. partyfriek Said,

    the same with my …
    the same with my grandma’s sable and when we took it to the shop they said there was nothing wron. Now trhe LOW COOLANT light comes on every time u start it and the coolant is fine

  15. milestailsprower3 Said,

    Oh god. Buzzers = …
    Oh god. Buzzers = annoying!!! chime = annoying but not as bad

  16. palebeachbum Said,

    Right now, my ’97 …
    Right now, my ’97 Mercury Tracer is having this problem. The airbag light comes on once in a blue moon. When it comes on, if I shut the car off and restart it, the airbag light goes off.

  17. partyfriek Said,

    that same porplem …
    that same porplem exists on my grandmas Sable except it comes on every once and a while

  18. palebeachbum Said,

    I bet I know your …
    I bet I know your trouble! I had the same thing happen on my ’91. The airbag light did that and it turned out to be a bad “airbag control module”, which I’m pretty sure is the “brain” for the airbag system. It cost $283 to have replaced.

  19. palebeachbum Said,

    Chimes aren’t …
    Chimes aren’t nearly as annoying to hear as a buzzer, that’s why no one uses them anymore. Not in the US anyway.

  20. TaurusLX1988 Said,

    Something says that …
    Something says that is an impact sensor thats bad, an maybe won’t deploy during impact, Not sure but could be true.

  21. TornadoWarrior1 Said,

    not to worry, they …
    not to worry, they won’t hit ya. if they DO. go sue Ford for faulty airbags!

  22. Zildjian0321 Said,

    I had this happen …
    I had this happen on my ’01, the airbags need to be calibrated, if I remember correctly.. something odd like that.

  23. Jac2Mac Said,

    I think a buzzer …
    I think a buzzer would suit this Taurus better than a chime. Why couldn’t have only a buzzer on their taurus instead of a chime?

  24. metharine Said,

    My ’92 does the …
    My ’92 does the same thing…. I’ve been asking around, but still hasn’t got an answer as to how to fix it, though. But most people tell me the airbag should still work,should the need for it arise

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