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Volvo S70 ABS Module Removal. ABS/Traction Light Flashes or Stays On.

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

2000 Volvo S70 ABS Module Removal. Skip Volvo dealer selling you a $1000 ABS module when you can get your existing module repaired.

E5 Torx Socket tool needed, hard to find. Just google ABS module repair for many vendors who do this.

Also, brakes will still work while module is removed, but your anti-lock function will not work. Speedometer also will not work while ABS Module is removed.

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  1. gear1100 Said,

    @silverS70 You’re …
    @silverS70 You’re right, the dealership was trying to pull a fast one on me. I replaced the ABS unit a while back with no problem, the lights went out and it seems to work just fine. Replacement was as simple as described in your video, thank you for the insight. I did also find a couple of other issues with this vehicle – the mass airflow meter needed replacement and there was an electrical short with my right headlamp due to the wire insulation becoming brittle and breaking off.

  2. yatteyattahpottery Said,

    thanks for making …
    thanks for making this video now i know how to remove it

  3. scudmtbuoy Said,

    Thanks for a very …
    Thanks for a very helpful video. I bought a replacement abs module on ebay for $80 and was able to install it yesterday in about an hour, thanks to your video. Saved me over a thousand bucks based on the price the dealer quoted. The check engine light remains on, but I understand I just need to get the codes cleared. Thanks again!

  4. silverS70 Said,



    That is true, but many don’t have soldering skills and if they screw up their circuit board, then the repair gets very expensive. 100-150 to send out for repair sounds alot better to many than 1,000 or higher from the dealer.

  5. StevenMacQuarrie Said,

    The module can be …
    The module can be opened up using a dremel tool to clean the pin mounts to break them free, and also to remove the silicon seam. The circuit board can be resoldered and resealed with silicon, should be good as new, you won’t have to send it out for repair. Total cost of repair is estimated at 25 cents if you have or can borrow the correct tools.

  6. foxdmulder Said,

    immaculate engine
    immaculate engine

  7. msw600 Said,

    I had ABS/TRACTION …
    I had ABS/TRACTION lights come up on my dashboard last week after checking and correcting tire pressures. I am sure it has nothing to do with it. It was lit up for maybe a half hour. I have used the car 2x since and it has not come up again. I went to volvo. They did a test. Found faulty signal with code. They reset the abs code. They said if it comes on again at some point, that I will need a ABS control module. Estimate was like $1,072 dollars.

  8. mgreenstein Said,

    Nicely done, I’m a …
    Nicely done, I’m a weekend mechanic and it usually takes me a long time to do the job the first time. Seeing you do it saved me alot of time. Thnaks

  9. Eastsidegeorgiaboy Said,

    @babyboybx Have you …
    @babyboybx Have you used an OBDII reader to scan the codes, and try to remove them? If so, have you looked to see if there is a fuse you can remove or something? Also have you checked any Audi enthusiast sites and forums for ideas for a bypass switch for it?

  10. cattnipp Said,

    I mailed mine to …
    I mailed mine to Victor Rocha in California – he fixed it for about $100 and sent it back. It has worked ever since.

  11. silverS70 Said,

    @gear1100 Sounds …
    @gear1100 Sounds like they are pulling your leg. I had my original abs module repaired, I did not buy a re-manufactured unit. If your abs/tracs lights go out after you install it, and you test the abs function and it works fine, you don’t need to update any software. Mine is still working fine. Let us know how it works out.

  12. gear1100 Said,

    I’ll be replacing …
    I’ll be replacing this unit on my car this weekend (current one is giving 15 fault codes according to Volvo). I ordered a remanufactured part. The Volvo dealer said that I need to bring in the car after installing it so they can update the software and initialize it so it’s sync’d with the computer in the car. Are they pulling my leg here or does this sound legit. How is yours working?

  13. silverS70 Said,

    You put in the …
    You put in the wrong module. Take it off and return it to wherever you got it. The speedo runs through the ABS module, thats why yours is not working. You need the correct module for your car.

  14. eddie1901 Said,

    i replaced my abs. …
    i replaced my abs. the new one had blue circles and the old one had these yellow and black ones. the new one also had 4 more circles. i put it in and now the speedo doesnt work. it worked with the old module but not with the new one. i have a 98 volvo s70 GLT

  15. silverS70 Said,

    Sorry, …

    Sorry, I’ve never worked on Audi’s. Must be something similar though. I’d check the ABS sensors at the brakes. If the brakes work fine(no abs though), you could be old school and just put some black electrical tape over the flashing light so you don’t see it. 😉 lol

  16. babyboybx Said,

    thanx man u …
    thanx man u explained it well and hey quick question i have a problem with my audi a4 a 1999 model and on the dashboard the abs light is on and the emergency break light doesnt stop blinking at all even if the e-break is down it just dont stop but they charging me around a thousand to replace it any suggestions how to turn that light off?…

  17. nonmuslim888 Said,

    thank you for your …
    thank you for your advice.

  18. silverS70 Said,

    ETM is not ABS( …
    ETM is not ABS(brakes)
    ETM is electronic throttle module, a known problem with a free dealer fix during first 10yrs/200k miles. It was Recalled.

  19. nonmuslim888 Said,

    Sir, my ETS …
    Sir, my ETS sometimes switches on. Sometimes it comes of while i am pushing the accelator. Sometimes it comes on when i drive on rough patch on d raod. Once while i was parkng the underside in d front area hit the pavement but slowly and it came on. D service centre says i need to chang d ETM. Is tehre anytin i can do witout chnging the ETM? Its quite expensiv Please note the ETM is not always on smtimes i drive the whole day and it wnt show up. I get d feeling dat its som sot of lose conectn.

  20. silverS70 Said,

    If you have no …
    If you have no soldering skills, its best to pay someone to do it. I paid 35 dollars and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The cases are hard to open and if a novice ruins the case or screws up the soldering and ruins the board, it costs alot more to replace the whole module with a new or rebuilt one. If you have the skills to do, then go ahead. Removing it yourself and sending it out is still way cheaper than dealer fix.

  21. elrob20 Said,

    Why not just open …
    Why not just open the case and solder it your self? Ive done it many times. I should make a video if there isn’t one on here already.

  22. 2009jimmy2009 Said,

    up the ra!
    up the ra!

  23. mamajoe62 Said,

    Very nice, gonna …
    Very nice, gonna have to replace my ABS module soon, and this will be very helpfull. Thanks for posting!!

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