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BMW e46 airbag lamp solved (easy)

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

BMW e46 (323ci in this case) have à problem with the airbag, its a sensor under the drivers seat that causes the airbag light to switch on. That means your airbag probably is not working. Instead of beeing annoyed, I’ve found a solution that makes that lamp to switch of. You have probably searched a lot on the web about this problem but ended up with fake videos or products you need to buy. There is no need for that. Do it your self instead. I hope you like it and good luck.

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  1. Turxor Said,

    As I say in the …
    As I say in the video. The airbag may not work. I have not tested it 🙂

  2. Tankerrob Said,

    lol that is a …
    lol that is a cheap fix but now your airbag doesn’t work.

  3. Turxor Said,

    It can be both, …
    It can be both, most normal is that the airbag doesn’t work. My sensor was not working, thats why my light was on. The Sensor is under the seat. But the box is under the handbrake / shift panel.

  4. ithomas152 Said,

    So does the light …
    So does the light mean the airbag is not functional or is the light on because the sensor is giving a false reading? Thanks for the video! My airbag light has been on since June 2009 (on a 2002 325i)

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