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Crash Test 2003 – 2006 Audi TT EuroNcap

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The TT Roadster was tested in the frontal crash with its top down to give ‘worst-case’ results. For the side impact test, the top was left up to check if the driver risked head injuries from the hood supports. Although the car was tested without child restraints it is possible to fit one to the passenger’s seat. The passenger airbag can be disabled using a key-operated switch inside the glove box. The head airbag provided cushioning in the pole test but did not deploy correctly. Finally, the car’s protection for pedestrians was abysmal: no stars were awarded.

Front impact
The airbags were judged to protect the driver’s head but impact forces fed to the driver and passenger’s chest from the seat belt were a little high. The driver’s door is designed to take load from front to back but, despite one of its beams becoming kinked at the rear end, together with disturbance of the sill at the rear end, the car’s body was judged as stable after the impact. Both occupants risked serious leg injuries from ‘unforgiving’ components located around the steering column and fascia.

Side impact
The driver’s seat-mounted chest and head-protecting airbag appeared to fire late in the side impact. While in the pole test the airbag fired fully by the time head contact occurred, the top of the airbag deployed outside the car through the open window. While the driver’s head did not contact the pole, testers doubted if the set-up would protect taller occupants. However Audi informed us that the the head airbag system does comply with out-of-position requirements demanded in North America. Finally, despite the airbag, the driver ran some risk of chest injury.

The TT is a two-seater and, because cars are tested with the front seats occupied, there was no room for a child restraint. However, the passenger airbag could be turned off using a key-operated switch inside the glove box. A warning light is positioned between the seats and aft of the gear lever.

Pedestrian protection
Protection offered to pedestrians was abysmal: the car scored no points and gained no stars. Euro NCAP says Audi needs to improve performance in this important area.

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