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how to change dashboard light on ford escape 01-04

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

how to change dashboard light on ford escape 03 7MM SOCKET

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  1. rogerddy51 Said,

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your time, All my dash lights are out on ’01 Escape. How many bulbs are there? Does the radio connection have any wiring that would cause all lights to be out. Fuses are good.

  2. claytonlobo86 Said,

    thanks bro it took …
    thanks bro it took me 20 min the bulb cost just 2 dollars and it works perfect the name of the bulb if any one needs it is CLB 194

  3. claytonlobo86 Said,

    am gonna try it out …
    am gonna try it out bro wish me luck

  4. JoJoBean23 Said,

    thanks so much.. …
    thanks so much.. This was very very easy and i save over 160 dollars by not going to ford. its a crime for you not to follow these simple steps and do it yourself.

  5. rabbie303 Said,

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for this vid. $3.20 for the bulb and 15 mins and it was done.

  6. orlandoknow Said,

    does it have to be …
    does it have to be the exact bulb??? cause i changed it for one of the others of the dash (just change places with the belt light bulb) and it work but it makes a ping noise every time i start my engine… 🙁

  7. 92Eleanor21 Said,

    Thank You soooooo …
    Thank You soooooo much. Lmao. Ive been driving my Escape for the last 3 years with that bulb burnt out. hahahaha.

  8. FIcaraudioBTL Said,

    @ZachRdz im always …
    @ZachRdz im always happy to help man and i have tried to put blue led in the dash but it dont light up bright as the old bulb

  9. ZachRdz Said,

    Dude, seriously …
    Dude, seriously thanks for posting this vid. I went to a dealership to buy the bulb which was $7 and I asked them how much for an install………. 170 freaking dollars!! So, I went to walmart and bought a $10 socket wrench and it took me literally 15 minutes to install it in the walmart parking lot ha. Do you know where I could get the blue LED’s though??

  10. FIcaraudioBTL Said,

    @colinmacdon they …
    @colinmacdon they are hard to pull out dont be afraid to break it

  11. colinmacdon Said,

    how hard was it to …
    how hard was it to get the actual bulb out. I have an ’07 F350 and the bulbs look the same but I didn’t want to break them…

  12. FIcaraudioBTL Said,

    @gman20031 yes
    @gman20031 yes

  13. gman20031 Said,

    looks to be the …
    looks to be the same bulb im about to change was that the bulb for area where it shows what gear your in and milleage

  14. FIcaraudioBTL Said,

    @adycars31 thank …
    @adycars31 thank you gotta love the classics

  15. adycars31 Said,

    looks quick and …
    looks quick and easy, awesome choice in music

  16. FIcaraudioBTL Said,

    @manoadicto you can …
    @manoadicto you can got blue the blue led is still blue whit the green dash stencil

  17. manoadicto Said,

    @FIcaraudioBTL can …
    @FIcaraudioBTL can I get diferent colors? o just green one

  18. FIcaraudioBTL Said,

    @manoadicto at any …
    @manoadicto at any car quest or napa and other place like that

  19. manoadicto Said,

    where can i buy …
    where can i buy tha bulb?

  20. FIcaraudioBTL Said,

    no i dont sorry man
    no i dont sorry man

  21. olsrida83 Said,

    hey man do you have …
    hey man do you have any old subs youd sell? im looking to buy some

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