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KIA passenger Airbag not working

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

My 2006 KIA Optima airbag light stays on even though my wife is in the seat. Kia has tried to fix this issue over six or seven times, yet it is still a problem. The car is under factory warranty and now in litigation with Kia. They are basically calling me a liar and saying I am shifting my weight to make the airbag stay on, meaning the airbag IS NOT WORKING. This is the 3rd video I have taken, this time with my wife in the front passenger seat.

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  1. kkress4 Said,

    What ever …
    What ever steal-er-ship you are taking your car to you need to stop going to… its one of three things. The sensor in the seat… SRS computer (supplement restraint system computer) or the wiring to each of devices. Simple fix… or the actual airbag itself. not that hard to fix.

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