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Chevy chevrolet Cobalt change oil soon light reset instructions

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle reset instructions for chevy Chevrolet cobalt change oil soon on instrument panel

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  1. GiggleBerrys Said,

    you guys ever …
    you guys ever thought about reading the car manual??, it tells you how, i was messing with it for a while then looked in the manual

  2. jadedkurt Said,

    AWESOME!!!! I …
    AWESOME!!!! I couldnt figure it out last time I changed my oil…..Got it now….. 🙂

  3. officialgurl84 Said,

    OMG thanks! I was …
    OMG thanks! I was in the car for like 20 minutes trying to figure this out. I was pressing the wrong buttons lol!!

  4. brihorn4 Said,

    Thanks! I couldn’t …
    Thanks! I couldn’t figure it out and the place I took it to didn’t reset it.

  5. Mosgain Said,


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