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Resetting ECU on Nissan Titan

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

This is how you reset the ECU on a Nissan Titan. It helps if your truck is in Limp mode and or if you have some trouble codes to clear.
1. Turn Key to On Position
2. After 3 Seconds pump gas 5 times
3. After 10 seconds hold gas pedal to the floor for 12 seconds
4. Release pedal for 10 seconds
5. Hold Gas on the floor for 10 seconds
6. Turn truck off, wait 10 seconds and start

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  1. 95Jesusfreek Said,

    @clightn027 Worked …
    @clightn027 Worked on My 2004 Quest too. Light came on after I had to take out the instrument cluster. Infamous fading odometer

  2. danielsalazarts Said,

    thanks man, it …
    thanks man, it works for my almera n16 2003, i think it work for all nissan

  3. jawuerte Said,

    Worked on my 2011, …
    Worked on my 2011, 2007, and my old 2004 Titan! Just fyi

  4. MrDoc73 Said,

    any year?
    any year?

  5. makasimka Said,

    hi guys do you know …
    hi guys do you know how to reset ECU on nissan altima 07… thanx really need your help…

  6. Detoxhurb Said,

    anyone know how to …
    anyone know how to reset the cd player on this type of nissan Titan because mine doesnt want to turn on at all not even to the radio…. i was playing a cd and it suddenly froze and stayed that way till i turned off the truck after i tried turning it on again it wouldnt play it just shows the time… if someone can help me it would be appreciated…

  7. mjwible27 Said,

    try this as well, …
    try this as well, disconnect the negative terminal on the car battery, hold the brake pedal down for 45 seconds, then it should reset your ecu!!! Worked on my 07 ford fusion.

  8. guroc82 Said,

    thats great!!!!! …
    thats great!!!!! does that work to reset the tpms system if i replaced a wheel sensor?

  9. clightn027 Said,

    I just tried this …
    I just tried this on my 2004 Nissan Quest and it works:) thanks.

  10. draganaco1 Said,

    thanks man,this …
    thanks man,this halp me with my nissan altima 2003
    it worked after couple times trying

  11. juanch1966 Said,

    thanks men this …
    thanks men this helps alot

  12. dubeljd Said,

    Hell Id just drive …
    Id just drive it in the river to reset it. Its a crappy ugly slow titan for gods sake.

  13. ej6sohc Said,

    anyone know how to …
    anyone know how to reset a 95 dodge ram pick?

  14. dheineke Said,

    It will turn it off …
    It will turn it off for a few drives but then it will realize the “problem” persists and turn the check engine light back on. If you live in Travis or Williamson counties in Texas, they won’t allow it to pass inspection because you need to drive it enough to reinitialize all sensors, but that time, your check engine light will be on again.

  15. RULI1974 Said,

    i have a sentra how …
    i have a sentra how do you do it? sentra 2000

  16. filipinowise Said,

    grt8 Vid, reading …
    grt8 Vid, reading instructions had me confused! just install new cai intake car been driving a bit different members suggest I drive the car for a couple days til the ecu adjust to the new habit or rest ecu. I’m going yo reset the ecu once I get home! thanks a million

  17. salndave2008 Said,

    i cutt my cats off …
    i cutt my cats off will it turn off my service engine light ?

  18. maxspeedviper1 Said,

    Thanks philva13! I …
    Thanks philva13! I tried this on my Nissan Altima ’03 and it worked to reset the ECU.

  19. jpvt06 Said,

    Hello philva13, …
    Hello philva13, would this work if my TPMS light is on. I know one of my tire sensors are bad, would come back on???

  20. thenitropro Said,

    i’ve heard about …
    i’ve heard about this, is it re-tunning because you have a chip?

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