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Why is the airbag light on in my 07 ford explorer?

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this evening I let me battery die, by accident of course and got someone to jump the car, the car came on fine and I started driving and I noticed my airbag light was on, on the dashboard.. it didnt come on until after the battery died and got restarted..
could anyone tell me why that light is on?
or will it go off next time I start the car?

i’m scared, driving with an airbag light on cannot be good.

On most vehicles, the airbag light should come on for @6 seconds, and then go off if the system is working properly. If there is a fault or a problem in the system, the light will remain illuminated, or flash continuously. If the airbag light does not work properly, some vehicles have an audible tone that sounds indicating a problem with the airbag light system. When the light is on (or the tone is sounding), the airbag will NOT deploy, even in an accident.

The flashing light on your car is telling there is a problem. On some vehicles, the light is flashing a two digit code. Your vehicle will require a scan tool for the proper diagnosis, (and not the scanner at Auto Zone…airbag systems cannot be ready by that scanner) but here’s a site that will explain everything you need to know about airbag lights and resetting the system. Once you know the code, you can most likely repair it yourself. There are fairly easy procedures that most people are capable of repairing. has the fault code charts to tell you what is wrong! Although it’s a pay site ($14.95/day), it’s a lot cheaper than going to the dealer.

Some vehicle manufacturers accommodate systems without a scanner (like Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infinity, Honda, Acura, Ford, Lincoln, Mazda & Mercury) . Most all other vehicles require a scan tool for the diagnosis. Here is a link to the list of vehicle and scanner requirements.
Check out these websites also for more info on airbag systems and the light.
Lastly, check your vehicle for recalls through this link.


Where can I get my airbag light reset?

Posted by admin

I replaced the airbag in my 2007 Chevy Malibu, but the light won’t turn off. Where can I take it to get the light turned off.

Is the light flashing continously or does the light flash 7 times @ key on and stay on steady? If the bag(s) were deployed, It will be necessary to replace the following components in order for the SIR (Supplemental Inflatable Restraint) system to operate properly (light to go out)

1. The deployed frontal bag(s) (You have already replaced)
2. The inflatable restraint seat belt pretensioners (they deploy just like the bag)
3. The SDM (sensing diagnostic module) (It becomes full of "Crash data" and can not be cleared)
4.After the SDM is replaced it must be programmed to the vehicle with a factory scan tool or a J-2534 pass-through device with the correct firmware!

NOTE: The site that the other poster provided: is a WASTE of money! It has very generic and inaccurate information! (Now, I know why we get a lot of SIR related work from body shops) The site didn’t even list the compatible scan tools correctly!

NOTE: This is a CAN "C" vehicle, the ONLY module on this vehicle that Auto Zone can communicate with is the PCM! And not the needed one, (the SDM)


How do you reset the SRS Airbag light in a 1990 Acura Legend after installing a new airbag?

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We recently replaced the airbag in our Legend. We just need to know how to reset the SRS light. Thanks for your help.

Did you replace the corresponding crash sensor also? You will not be able to get the light out until you replace the sensor!


Can a car pass a NYS inspection with an airbag light on?

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I have had a 2000 VW Cabrio off the road for a year. The airbag light came on after having changed the battery this morning. Will this cause my car to fail NYS inspection?

This is a safety inspection – the air bag light has signaled a faulty safety system in your vehicle.
Connect the dots?


why does my airbag light keep blinking?

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i have a 1995 Mercury Sable station wagon. the airbag light on the dashboard panel keeps blinking in a 1-3 pattern. is this a code that means something is wrong?

Yes, you have a problem in your airbag system and it has been disabled. The 1 – 3 pattern is trouble code 13. You need to take your vehicle to your dealer IMMEDIATELY. NOT YOUR MECHANIC, YOUR DEALER. Please do not attempt to diagnose or repair the problem yourself. I cannot believe that some of the people answering this question is telling you not to worry about it. That airbag is designed to help you from receiving massive head and face injuries when involved in a accident. Only a damn fool would ignore this problem.

FYI : there was a recall on that model year vehicle for the Airbag Deactivation Switch, The TSB number and issue date is 98S20 August 1998.


2005 Ford Five Hundred Limited Passenger side airbag light?

Posted by admin

I have just bought a used Ford 500 and whenever the passenger gets out , a light on the dash lights saying that the passenger side airbag is off lights for 1-2 seconds. Is this abnormal? Does it mean the airbag is always off? Is there a way to turn it off and on?
Thanks! That answers that! You guys rock!

Yes its normal because the passengers seat sensor sends a signal back to the BCM and SRS system telling it that they have left the seat……..

No you cannot turn it off and on at all……..


Sticky: How to use this site to solve your airbag light problem.

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Introduction is a collaboration of people who are experiencing problems with there airbag light and technicians who can help solve them.

To focus on a solution use these guidelines:

  • Use the search feature on right, and type your cars make and model. (i.e, honda accord)
  • After each article there are comments posted. Click on the “comments”  link to read ideas and examples others have used to solve a similiar problem. 
  • There are many links spread through out the site of companies who can help you. If you feel you need additional support select the text or banner ads to receive help.
  • You can also select one of the categories if your “airbag light is flashing” or “airbag light in on.”

Thanks, for visiting our site and we hope it helps solve your airbag light problem.

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the airbag light stays on after start up, and then beeps twice?

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the airbag light stays on after start up, and then beeps twice, then stays on permenantly,

If it beeps twice, that is looking like a code 2 or 11, but I don’t think it’s 11. Google code 2 for your vehicles airbag system and see what it means. I know that the lower number the code is the more serious it is. The higher codes like a code 53 would be less serious. I know a code 2 on an older Ford Taurus (I had one) means all primary crash detectors have been disconnected.


How can I reset my 1999 Hundai accent coupe AIRBAG Light?

Posted by admin

I was trying to installed a new radio/stereo in my hundai.In the process of installing the stereo/radio the yellow wire touch the metal part of the car where the radio/stereo goes in and a spark went off.The radio was not install but the airbag light still on.

It usually works if you disconnect the positive cable from the battery for a couple seconds.


how can i turn the airbag light on 01 cavalier?

Posted by admin

i got the car without airbags but i am planing to put a set in there myself.are there any tricks to make sure i don’t mess up anything?and how can i get rid off the airbag lights on the dash once i install the airbags?

Questions like this are asked and answered all the time here. There are specific items that are required to remove or replace airbags. Check out this website for the EXACT answers to your questions. This site tells you exactly what needs to be removed and replaced (seat belts & all) on over 3500 cars. It’s a pay site, but it’s little money well spent to get the correct answers and to see exactly what you’re after…it uses pictures, not text, so you can see what you’re looking for.
Good Luck…it’s not too bad of a job & if your state allows it, used parts or parts from ebay should be ok

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