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Sticky: How to use this site to solve your airbag light problem.

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Introduction is a collaboration of people who are experiencing problems with there airbag light and technicians who can help solve them.

To focus on a solution use these guidelines:

  • Use the search feature on right, and type your cars make and model. (i.e, honda accord)
  • After each article there are comments posted. Click on the “comments”  link to read ideas and examples others have used to solve a similiar problem. 
  • There are many links spread through out the site of companies who can help you. If you feel you need additional support select the text or banner ads to receive help.
  • You can also select one of the categories if your “airbag light is flashing” or “airbag light in on.”

Thanks, for visiting our site and we hope it helps solve your airbag light problem.

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