Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

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clockspring dissasembly and fix

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

In this video I dissect the old clockspring from my 94 bronco and offer a way to repair the damaged ribbon.if you do this I am not liable for anything you may do or break.

bronco tear apart dissect broken old bronco f150 airbag clock spring sliding contact moving move unliable break fix repair glue clamp string ribbon cable contacts trace traces pull up pulled up break broken glue tape rivits connector wiring wires

Duration : 0:4:23

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  1. BSmenot Said,

    Thanks I needed …
    Thanks I needed that, I replaced the intermediate steering shaft, and rack & pinion on my dodge truck and while the shaft was out the wheel rotated too many times. Well….. … the ribbon conductor broke on the clock spring. I did’nt know there was a clock spring in there. I now know why the airbag light is on. Oh well fix one thing and up another… So without your vid I would have been into a real rip tear…. So don’t rotate the steering, and thanks again…..

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