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1995 Honda Accord SRS Light is ON?

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

95 Honda Accord with 180k miles, just has driver and passenger front airbags
SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) indicator light just came on.
Was just driving my regular store stops. Drove with no light on to the store, got back in car to drive home, started it up and noticed light just came on.

Not sure what the problem is.
I read online how to reset/turn off light, but I’ am not sure if that fixes the problem and makes it safe, or if it is just solely to turn off the light, without fixing the safety problem if there really is one.
So will resetting the srs light/making the light turn off, actually mean the airbags and seat belts work or just make the light itself go off.

Is there a problem with the airbags or seat belts?
The seat belts work. I heard that possibly the steering wheel could possibly damage the srs wire to the steering wheel airbag, but I did not turn the wheel hard or abnormally, so I have no idea.

If something went down in the seat belt, could that cause the light to go off? But again, all the seat belts work fine (even the rear ones).

Anyone know what I can do to fix the problem?
I read someone paid $600 to have his Srs light problem be fixed, but most of this stuff I can do myself
I read there was a recall for the SRS light coming on, but that was for 2000 and up years only I think. They had no safety problem, just the light turned on, but airbags still worked, but I have read others who have the same problem on their same year accord.

Do you think my airbags still will work in the event of a crash?
I thought about just giving the steering wheel a smack, but I don’t know if the airbag to inflate (causing a real replacement)

Airbag problem, could be a major safety issue. Take it to a qualified mechanic for servicing…

  1. Michael B Said,

    Airbag problem, could be a major safety issue. Take it to a qualified mechanic for servicing…
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