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Beacham MK2 Jaguar

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Beacham Jaguar Mk II
“A Mk II Jaguar, on chrome wire wheels, is a favourite of many classic car lovers. But this is no ordinary Mk II. Beacham™ Jaguar has created a Mk II-bodied XJR – thunderous supercharged V8 and all. It’s an exquisite work of art.”

– Modern Jaguar V8 4.0-litre engines / matching transmission
– Supercharged ­ 370bhp / Normally-aspirated ­ 290bhp
– Air Conditioning / Total Climate Control
– Air Bags (SRS)
– ABS, Traction Control and Anti-Dive System
– Premium Jaguar Audio (Multi-CD, AM/FM, Cassette)
– Full Power Equipment: Power Windows, Wheel Adjustment, Seats, Mirrors, (with Memory function), Remote Locking, etc.
– Power-operated Sunroof
– Available integrated GPS

The Mk II Jaguar was perhaps the world’s first luxury/performance sedan. Fitted with 4 doors and with room for a family, the Mk II soon became the transport of choice for gangsters and police departments alike in its native Britain, as well as the unbeatable champion in UK and European sedan racing.

Beacham™ Jaguar made its early reputation as world-class restorers of these cars, gradually upgrading them with the more modern technology of newer Jaguars. Indeed the initial development on the Supercharged V8 cars was carried out using the Mk II base units. To date more than 200 Mk IIs have been delivered to customers by the company.

The Mk II is a timeless classic – its looks are totally unconventional. It has a unique shape that owes nothing to anything else – except the Mark I. It is a mix of traditions with its vertical oval grille, rounded lines, and a clubhouse interior that could only be British.

Gorgeous in the 1960s, still gorgeous today. So the notion of stuffing a 4.0 litre, supercharged XJR engine and drivetrain under the elegant coachwork of a classic Mk II Jaguar seems like the stuff of dreams.

Introducing the Beacham™ MkII

“You have to come to grips with this car emotionally. It may look “old” but it’s been re-engineered, re-developed and completely rebuilt so that it is, to all intents and purposes, new.”

Externally it looks very familiar, the only real giveaways for the sharp-eyed are the louvres from the XKR sports car in the bonnet, the air scoops under the front bumper, and the bigger Jaguar competition tires and chrome wire wheels. However it is beneath the skin, and inside the cabin where the most obvious visual changes are to be found. Under the bonnet the Beacham™ Mk II is crammed full of technology: ABS brakes, traction control, anti-dive suspension geometry and more.

But it is the interior where the achievement really hits home. Trimmed in supple new leather, the modern seats have all the power controls from the current Jaguar. Included is a full complement of comfort and safety systems: Power Windows and Locking of course; Power-adjustable Steering Wheel, Side Mirrors, all with Memory Function; Climate Control and a Power-operated Sunroof of course, even the SRS/Airbag Systems. Topped off with a premium sound system and GPS, all is joy set into a bespoke polished wood veneer dash.

The result is a revelation to drive.

Yes, the Beacham™ Mk II is fast, very: 0-60mph in around six seconds fast. Yes, it steers, handles and drives extraordinarily well. Yes, the car has been re-engineered from the wheels up and the workmanship is exceptional. Yes, if you put preconceived notions aside and approach the car with pragmatism, you can successfully merge today’s technology, electronics and trim with 1960s styling.

The integration of the mechanical components has to be considered a remarkable engineering feat. The quality of workmanship is stunning, with a level of fit and finish well beyond that of most new cars – it is, after all, a thoroughly handbuilt vehicle. Close the doors and they close easily, but firmly – that’s another advancement, modern air-filled, hollow door seals with holes to let the compressed air out. A small detail but which adds to the modern feel of the car.

But the real delight is supplied when the throttle pedal is introduced to the floor. It’s easy to drive, fast, flexible and comfortable.

“The Beacham™ Mk II is a brand new car with impeccable breeding – and with performance to match.”

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  1. davwar73 Said,

    @ …
    @klassiekerrallydotnl Agree on the mirrors.

  2. whale0melette Said,

    i am getting a jag …
    i am getting a jag mk2 or daimler 250 v8 this year and the only thing im doing to it is getting it converted to LPG (as it is for daily use and petrol is so so expensive, u.k)
    if you buy a classic car, don’t rip 80% of the classic beauty out and replace it with sterile modern turd that doesn’t look right. It’s like stuffing a prized turkey with rat offal.

  3. bunning63 Said,

    Yep should have …
    Yep should have left it the way it was, rusting in a paddock. If you guys want them all the way they were, “good old days ra ra…” start a company and restore them all, if you can then sell them. A horse and cart can be fun, just not everyday.

  4. 2manysecrets2 Said,

    Some here are too …
    Some here are too harsh.

    Every car Ive owned has been a Jag. I know them better than most.

    I recall Beacham from way back. At first I immediately say no, than ok, then no once again.

    To each their own but this is an extreme, and as all extremes, wrong.

    I am a supporter of modernizing using new materials, upgrades of bushings, suspension, bearings, etc. Even an alternator as long as the motor is untouched.

    Though I hate show queens and those who are sticklers for all original, this misses.

  5. forehead007 Said,

    vile vile vile – …
    vile vile vile – revolting. Beacham MD should be shot. This is like putting stone cladding on a Georgian building. Please stop immediately……..

  6. torchyboyz Said,

    @silver760 Dear …
    @silver760 Dear Silver760. I admire your enthusiasm for this car but where do you get that the Mk 2 body was unstessed? In fact the Mk 2 was the first car built by Jaguar to be monocoque and therefore had a stressed body and not a chassis as you say. I have worked on these and other jags since I left school in the early 70`s, in fact all my working life. Get your facts straight instead of guessing and calling it fact. Paul.

  7. silver760 Said,

    The Mk2 jag is a …
    The Mk2 jag is a timeless design and what better way to keep it alive than merging old coachwork with a modern chassis.I dont know if the modern jags are still chassis built (I dount it) but the Mk2 was.Grafting a chassis body onto a floorpan from a monoque car is not easy as the body was not designed to be structural,there must be some interesting tubework under that Mk2 body!

  8. simmojag Said,

    Why have this when …
    Why have this when you can buy an original ? Enjoy the car the way Sir William Lyons intended to be ??????

  9. slammed66 Said,

    Holy shit!
    That …

    Holy shit!
    That mk2 is truly EPIC!!!

  10. filo4590 Said,

    The mirrors are …
    The mirrors are really bad.
    I can forgive the rest,but those mirrors are so wrong.

  11. lamage89 Said,

    What a waste of a …
    What a waste of a original Mk-2 jag! id much rather keep the classic feel of it with the manual and the oak dash and old gauges that has such a bad interior! bluk!

  12. politirel Said,

    The Beecham is a …
    The Beecham is a MK2 Jaguar on the outside, and an XJR on the inside, hate the music by the way!

  13. brunosilvershadow Said,

    A truly wonderful …
    A truly wonderful car, inside and out with just an utmost ugly soundstrack for such a classic car!!! Had to put the sound off!!!

  14. mondeost2202008 Said,

    A good classic Jag …
    A good classic Jag but a bit modern which is good in terms of today’s standards. Come on, It’s not that bad. You classic car lovers just don’t get it. It’s got classic looks but very good when it comes to day to day basis. Though interior looks rubbish with red. Looks better full on cream leather and wood plus they should’ve kept the old mirrors. Just change the interior but not exterior.

    The only car that I liked in the mid range is this MK2 and the replacement to the S type which is the XF.

  15. KhmerSerey1 Said,

    That’s what the car …
    That’s what the car saleman tried to do when he sell you bullsht car,he turn on the music real loud so you can’t hear the up engine,while taking it for a test drive,but that’s okay,i can feel the engine,he can scream and shout all he want…

  16. EnigmaNZ1 Said,

    It comes with the …
    It comes with the XJRs 4l V8 OR the supercharged version, in a Mk2, what more do you want power wise.

  17. KrayboX Said,

    the catr is too …
    the catr is too lsow.. nice wananbe top gear effect.. but put some OOOMPH into it?

  18. Taff1967SC Said,

    Nice car indeed. It …
    Nice car indeed. It must be a great drive, but not something I’d want to do to an original Mk2. Start with a shell yes, but convert a good original car, well.. no.

  19. kingham4 Said,

    Sounds like a …
    Sounds like a bluebottle trapped in a greenhouse…….looooooooool, your a joker mate!!!!

  20. xk180 Said,

    Hit the mute button …
    Hit the mute button if you don’t like the music

  21. Tableturn Said,

    Gorgeous car. …
    Gorgeous car. What’s with the migraine-inducing music? Sounds like a bluebottle trapped in a greenhouse.

  22. A765431 Said,

    The poor …
    The poor reliability is down to three things which were all fixed after a couple of years of production:
    Nikasil bores
    Timing chain tensioner

    I am sure that Beecham would have addresses these issues if they used one of the early engines, so the reliability of this car should be just fine.

    I see the merits of both original and modified cars. I have a modified Mk2 myself (Fuel injection and air con and dual circuit brake system). This means that I can use the car as a daily driver

  23. A765431 Said,

    The MKII never had …
    The MKII never had standard rear view mirrors. They were mounted by the dealers in various position so there is no “they are suppose to be…”. I agree that they should have picked chrome on this car though

  24. fontheking5 Said,

    Yes it looks very …
    Yes it looks very nice but sadly we all know the poor reliability of the jag V8 . Sad becuase the cars are wonderful apart from that

  25. brandjc Said,

    I am lucky enough …
    I am lucky enough to have a 420BHP Paramount Performance tuned XJR. I can only dream about combining its power and comfort with the classic looks of one like this. If I could buy one like this Beacham one I would BECAUSE of, not despite, the modern interior etc.

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