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BMW 316i SE 2001 Cam Sensor Replace DIY orange light SRS

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My BMW 316i SE 2001 had an intermitant starting problem. Sometimes it would start ok, other times it would try to turn over but not start, then show up SRS orange light error and turn the hand brake warning light orange.

A new forward/intake Cam Sensor was required.

A garage wanted to charge me £150. I researched it and found it was a 3 minute job, so did it myself.

Hopefully this CAM sensor Replace DIY will help you too!

Duration : 0:4:1

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  1. harrybo11 Said,


    Thanks, this …

    Thanks, this is exactly what i needed….

    Any chance you have you come across links that point to changing the crankshaft sensor also…I have a BMW 316i SE (E46) with M43 engine.

    Thanks again

  2. marmonwasp1911 Said,

    Cool music, who is …
    Cool music, who is the artist?

  3. mashupmarks Said,

    @axzell2 Great! …
    @axzell2 Great! Hope my vid helped! 🙂

  4. axzell2 Said,

    Btw it’s …

    Btw it’s a -2000 BMW 316i 1.9Liter M43B19 engine, 15000km.

  5. axzell2 Said,

    Thanks for the help …
    Thanks for the help. I just replaced my faulty Camshaft Sensor and now my error code 87 is gone 🙂

  6. jaypo7 Said,

    Great Vid mate. I …
    Great Vid mate. I have a 318i but hopefully the location is not that different!

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