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Ford F150 Airbag SRS Explosion

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

Ford F150 Airbag SRS Explosion

Robo Tech was recently called to address a 2006 Ford F 1 50 airbag issue. In 2010 Ford Motor Company has agreed to recall 1.2 million additional F 1 50 pickup trucks because of hundreds of reports that the airbag can suddenly and unexpectedly deploy. The N H T S A has received 269 reports of random airbag deployments, resulting in 98 injuries. The number of reports was the most in the last 27 years for airbag problems and led to a thorough investigation. The reported injuries have ranged from chipped teeth, to…

See what happened next. Learn the details of airbag repair with this video… Enjoy.

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  1. spelunkerd Said,

    There’s a …
    There’s a distracting echo (reverb?) on the audio track.

  2. audiomannn Said,

    If they do that …
    If they do that where will all our bread and gravy come from?

  3. epiphaknee Said,

    Now when will Ford …
    Now when will Ford recall the spark plug problems on their trucks?

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