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if a car has srs warning light up on the dashboard can this warning light be put out?

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

airbag failure warning light keeps coming on, been to garage & been told there is NO component
fault can anyone help
FIAT STILO 2002 reg

someone told me once it could be a sign of a weak battery which triggers the light to come on.

  1. Chuck Said,

    Take it to the dealer, they have the parts to fix it. Plus they’re the only ones who can turn off the srs light
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  2. BIG FELLA Said,

    Bring it to a main dealer i work for fiat and there will be a component that has failed or possibly a faulty wire that may have a break in the loom , ask the dealer to quote you for investigation work should take no l one that 0.5 hrs to diagnose , maybe 1hr tops
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    fiat service advisor

  3. hawk-eye Said,

    And quick. It’s an MoT fail
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  4. Beckee Said,

    someone told me once it could be a sign of a weak battery which triggers the light to come on.
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  5. Dan B Said,

    The garage has to be wrong. There’s something that is causing the light to come on. It didn’t come from the factory that way. Did you buy the car used from the same fly-by-night, buy-here-pay here place that told you nothing can be done? When the SRS light stays on, the self-test failed. I would first suspect that the airbags were replaced after a collision and not properly installed or even connected. Or the crash sensors are not installed or connected.

    If you are the original owner, then take it to a shop that specializes in air bag systems. Some cars do not have the air bag system connected to the OBDII system, so a trouble code won’t be set or readable. There’s a separate diagnostics machine for the system. Something is wrong. I would not trust the air bags to deploy – so drive carefully.
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