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Jeep Grand cherokee AIRBAG PROBLEM

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

Air bag light stays on along with seatbelt light, it doesn’t go out when seat belt is engaged…. Tell me what you think, is it a fuse, relay, latch assembly, sensor? LET ME KNOW THANKS

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  1. rbarryfamily Said,

    @thedjd1984 I …
    @thedjd1984 I haven’t fixed it yet but I’ve been told multiple times by mechanics, that it is the latch assembly that needs to be replaced, I think it costs like $50 and then you have to find someone that has a new enough computer to clear the code… This should take care of the problem, as far as I know!

  2. thedjd1984 Said,

    i’m having the same …
    i’m having the same issue now with my liberty, did you ever find a fix?

  3. rbarryfamily Said,

    @juanfiera Thanks …
    @juanfiera Thanks for letting me know… I’ve been told the same by others. what do I need to replace the latch assembly? Thanks agian

  4. juanfiera Said,

    seat belt buckle …
    seat belt buckle sensor

  5. rbarryfamily Said,

    Please let me know …
    Please let me know what you think it is! Thanks for watching

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