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Rice&beans Racing: how to get your Honda civic quick release steering wheel horn button to work

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Replacement Airbags For your Vehicle

How to make your 2000 Honda civic dx quick release steering wheel horn button to work. After disconnecting the wheel the SRS light will stay lit, what I did was disconnect the SRS connection that goes to the back of the SRS light cluster. I also Removed the passenger airbag and wiring since its not going to work either optional if you want to remove it. The only thing you are going to remove and put back is the steering wheel column cover and cluster

Rice&beans racing

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  1. rickmay38 Said,

    Osvaldo, you are no …
    Osvaldo, you are no longer the dirt digging little shy guy any more. I’m glad you’ve learned to master google and a thesaurus. It has really helped your vocabulary a long way. Makes you sound very educated! I’m loving it! 😉

  2. osvaldo2k5 Said,

    @rickmay38 You have …
    @rickmay38 You have a Keen wit for that I commend you bravo! If I recall you were set on purchasing the lowest quality equipment in a short amount of time witch I urged you to reconsider. I can see Bad choices and being remorseful leads to finger pointing and lies how mature.

  3. rickmay38 Said,

    Osvaldo2K5- The …
    Osvaldo2K5- The tone of your response seems a little defensive. Let me correct you by adding that the spelling of hole is really “WHOLE”. The $20.00 dollar steering wheel I purchased was really $60.00. Thanks for recommending the place. Horrible Service not to mention the ridiculous prices. Furthermore, I would just like to add, please let everyone know how your car wouldn’t start a few hours after installing your horn connections. Good Day, Rick!

  4. osvaldo2k5 Said,

    @rickmay38 you …
    @rickmay38 you obviously didn’t read the hole description. The video was for visual purposes for those DIY people that already have an idea on how to setup a quick release but don’t know how to get the horn to work.
    You mean that salvaged car its just that salvaged! I wouldn’t feel to safe ridding in that especially with that $20.00 steering wheel you bought for it. Im not a Honda tech nor do I claim to be I just play one on you tube.

  5. rickmay38 Said,

    I bought a car from …
    I bought a car from you Bro after you diddled with it! Let me tell you, you need more training! It’s a lot easier to dismantle cars but putting them back together is pretty darn tough you might agree! FYI- The this and that connection (about 27 seconds mark) is the SRS connector! SRS connection (yellow) is for your airbags! keep working on it buddy, soon you will be the best Honda Technician!

  6. dodger35er Said,

    thanks for putting …
    thanks for putting up this video, it helped me out a lot, i haven’t been able to make my horn work in over a month, lol, thanks, must have been hard to film with one hand, that must be your strong hand, you sound like a Chicano

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